Hillside Pavilion


Seattle Residential Accessory Structure, 1600 sf, New Construction.


Create a multifunctional pavilion that embraces the dramatic site through balance and tension.


Functionally the building provides vast shelving space for the client’s collection. The main floor area is open allowing for large gatherings and flexible gallery-like space. The building flow from indoor to out is through layers of transparency and screen. The 180° unobstructed Puget Sound view spans the western edge of the project.


The building anchors into the hillside with an exposed, board-formed concrete wall. From this concrete spine a steel frame superstructure rises and cantilevers over a natural ravine. The interior volume includes a 17 ft tall display wall accessed by a suspended steel catwalk and 1250 sf of open floor area. The downhill side, facing the view, is an aluminum-framed curtain of glass. All building elements – concrete, steel, stone, glass, metal and wood are layered and exposed in purposeful, as well as coincidental, geometric patterns.