Fremont DADU


Detached accessory dwelling unit (DADU), 800sf total. A two story building with a 350 sf garage and a 450sf apartment. New construction.


Create a rentable dwelling unit in rear yard of the main home, and provide off-street parking via the adjacent alley. Retain a landscaped yard space for the main home and the new cottage.


The lot descends steeply to the alley. The garage at the alley level follows the typical urban pattern.  Exterior steps provide access to the residence above. The elevated apartment provides views to the west, while remaining low enough to retain light and views for the main house.


This ADU Carriage house reflects the main home in its exterior form.  The hipped exterior roof of the cottage is vaulted to the interior, increasing its volume and sense of space. The design provides for a large day-lit living and kitchen area, a separate bedroom and a  3/4 bathroom with laundry. A south facing side yard was designed with french doors leading to a small deck and a landscaped area.